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Sit. Stay. Say Cheese!

From our farms to your furbaby, Cabot cheese has proudly crafted our award-winning cheeses into irresistible meat/cheese flavor combinations that will have your pup’s palette pawing for more.

Besides being irresistibly delicious, our cheese treats are naturally fortified with Calcium that both strengthens bones and has been found to raise the pH level while chewing. This means a more alkaline mouth that’s better at neutralizing the plaque acid that leads to tooth decay.

How’s that for a cheesy smile?

Our Products

Made with the World’s Best Cheddar

A bag of Cabot Cheese brand Cheeseburger Recipe Pet Treats

Cheeseburger Recipe

Turkey, chicken, cheese and natural smoked flavor. They might bark for a side of ‘frenchie’ fries. No wheat, corn or soy.

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A bag of Cabot Cheese brand Meatball & Cheese Recipe Pet Treats

Meatball & Cheese Recipe

Chicken, cheese, bacon and flavors so tasty, they won’t even miss the bowl of paws-ta. No wheat, corn or soy.

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A bag of Cabot Cheese brand Chicken Parmesan Recipe Pet Treats

Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Chicken, cheese, parsley, plus more irresistible goodness pups will dig more than dirt. No wheat, corn or soy.

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